Kaieteur Falls, Guyana

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Kaieteur Falls

The inhabitants of Georgetown on the coast of Guyana refer to the rest of the country as “the interior”. Many have never been and probably never will. Clinging to the edge of the South American continent, Guyana, Suriname and French Guyana often get overlooked as tourists make a beeline for their huge neighbour Brazil, or other more well-known hot […]

Lares: A Truly Alternative Trek

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Hiking Lares

We explain why the Lares Treks are a fantastic alternative to the Inca Trail. Travel through traditional communities, high Andean passes and remote villages. For unforgettable real life experiences with local Andean people, you can’t beat Lares, also known as The Weaver’s Way. So why Lares? The Inca Trail is Full, or you’ve already done it Probably […]

Day of the Dead – What’s it all about?

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Day of the Dead dates back over 3000 years to Aztec times and is being celebrated this week. Symbolized by ‘La Calavera Catrina’, a lady with an elaborate and colourful costume with a skull for a face, it might appear frightening at first but this is not the purpose. In fact she represents what would […]

New Flight Routes in Latin America

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New flight routes in Latin America keep us on our toes and allow us to get really creative with new ideas for tailor-made holidays. As well as some great new direct routes in from the UK and USA, there are several new domestic ones that have us really excited; Direct flights to Latin America with […]

5 of the Best Experience Hotels of Latin America

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Experience hotels offer so much more than just excellent service, a comfortable bed and a nice breakfast. Here are our Top 5 experience hotels in Latin America;   Machu Picchu Pueblo This fabulous property by environmentally conscious Inkaterra is tucked away from the town of Aguas Calientes and sits in 12 acres of cloud forest. […]

Travel to Antarctica: A Beginners’ Guide

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Travel to Antarctica is undoubtedly a trip of a lifetime as Lorraine Kelly is finding out on the trip that we have arranged for her. Lorraine is onboard Hebridean Sky on a special voyage that is tracing Shackleton’s epic journey. If you’ve always dreamt of an Antarctic Adventure here are some of the basics to get you […]

How to Choose the Best Galapagos Cruise

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A Galapagos islands cruise is a trip of a lifetime. You will probably only go once so you want to get it right, but choosing the best Galapagos cruise for your personal preferences and budget can be confusing. There is a bewildering array of date and boat choices, bi-weekly itineraries, different cruise lengths, high and […]

Chile Wine Tours, Our Top Tips

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In a country as stretched out as Chile not everything is always convenient. Thankfully though the wine region is located close to Santiago where most visitors arrive and depart. This makes Chile wine tours an easy add on to any tailormade Chile holiday. Whether you want to immerse yourself in the lap of luxury, learn […]

Lauca National Park, Chile

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Lauca National Park covers 1,379 km of high plains (Alitplano) and mountains in the extreme north east corner of Chile. Just across the border lies Bolivia’s highest peak, Sajama (6,542 m). Most people who travel through the region only get a sleepy glimpse of the scenery on their way through to la Paz or Arica. […]

Chile Facts to Surprise and Inspire

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Chile, the longest, skinniest country in the world has a lot to discover. Here are 10 fun Chile facts that might inspire you to want to experience it for yourself; The skies in the north of Chile are the clearest in the southern hemisphere so ideal for star gazing Chiloe is famous for its wooden churches […]

Recent Review

This really was the holiday of a lifetime and thanks to expedition leader Hannah and her fantastic team was  it was a magical experience. The scenery and wildlife were breathtaking and  the history of polar exportation, and my hero Sir Ernest Shackleton in particular was vividly, brought to life. To be able to follow his journey and pay my respects to him at his graveside in South Georgia was very emotional and something I will never forget.

Lorraine traveled on Hebridean Sky. Find out more here.

lorraine kelly antarctica
Lorraine Kelly Antarctica, , Antarctica, South Georgia and Falkland Islands March 2017

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