Iguazu Falls

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Forget Niagra, or even Victoria Falls – if you want to see a truly spectacular, noisy, jaw-droppingly powerful waterfall; then you need to get to Iguazu Falls. What is so special about Iguazu Falls? Iguazu Falls are a UNESCO World Heritage Site, nominated as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World and just […]

Malbec and Mendoza

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For lovers of wine and travel, Mendoza, at the heart of Argentine wine country is a perfect travel destination. Find out why Malbec has put Mendoza and Argentina on the wine lovers map. A Bit of History 400 years ago the Spanish came to Argentina and brought with them their love of wine. Catholic monks […]

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Get away from the crowds! To go with our new North Peru tour, five reasons to visit the incredibly varied north of Peru. From ancient pyramids to surf beaches, and the best mountaineering in South America, North Peru makes a great addition to your Peru vacation. Trujilo Heading up the coast the first major city is […]

Earth Day – 5 Ways to Protect the Planet when you travel

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Here at Into we are always looking for ways to help our customers travel sustainably to protect the countries we love. On Earth Day we would like to share our top 5 tips for how to minimise your impact on the environment when you travel. Here are our top 5, do you have any you […]

Choquequirao to Machu Picchu Trek

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If you want to know what it was like to visit Machu Picchu 50 years ago, then this incredible trek to Machu Picchu is right for you. The Choquequirao Trek (also called Choquekiraw) takes you past a staggering array of mountain peaks, isolated valleys and plunging ravines where you truly are in the land of the […]

The Ausangate Trek: The Best in South America?

Date: April 12,2011 By: Stephanie Kitchin Categories: News No comments

Ausangate means snow star and this 4-5 day trek around the sacred mountain of Ausangate is undoubtedly one of the most varied, stunning and adventurous in South America. Add to that easy access from Cusco and hot springs on the first and last days; and you have a fantastic trek for your Peru vacation. The […]

Machu Picchu Anniversary

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On July 24th 2011, Peru is celebrating the day, 100 years earlier, when Hiram Bingham quite accidentally discovered Machu Picchu. He wasn’t the first person to find it, but he was the first to recognize its significance. Thus began the dramatic rise of Machu Picchu as one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the […]

What is that blue parrot in the new animatied movie Blu?

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From the makers of Ice Age The Movie comes new release Rio. This fun packed family animation features a rare blue macaw parrot called Blu. He thinks he is the last parrot of his breed, so when he hears that there is one surviving female, he heads down to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to hook up with the […]

Mother’s Days in Latin America

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‘A mother is someone who, on seeing only 4 pieces of chocolate cake for 5 people, will be the first to say that she doesn’t really like chocolate.’ In Latin America, a mother plays an important role as self-sacrificing goddess and center of the family. Women are sacred and revered, and the mothers are the […]

Day Trips From Cuenca: A Selection

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Some photos from day trips just outside of Cuenca, Ecuador Cojitambo can be reached in just under an hour from Cuenca. Above the small village are Canari and Inca ruins and a large cliff face said to have the best rock climbing in all of Ecuador. Photos:The ruins Cojitambo / The Cliff / Locals having […]

Recent Review

This really was the holiday of a lifetime and thanks to expedition leader Hannah and her fantastic team was  it was a magical experience. The scenery and wildlife were breathtaking and  the history of polar exportation, and my hero Sir Ernest Shackleton in particular was vividly, brought to life. To be able to follow his journey and pay my respects to him at his graveside in South Georgia was very emotional and something I will never forget.

Lorraine traveled on Hebridean Sky. Find out more here.

lorraine kelly antarctica
Lorraine Kelly Antarctica, , Antarctica, South Georgia and Falkland Islands March 2017

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