5 Inca Trail Facts

Date: April 20,2016 By: Stephanie Kitchin Categories: News No comments

These Inca Trail facts might surprise you if you. Read on if you are considering this, or one of the other spectacular ways to hike to Machu Picchu. The only way to enter Machu Picchu by foot is through the Sungate which is at the end of the Inca Trail. You can if you wish […]

10 Galapagos Islands Facts you Might not Know

Date: February 22,2016 By: Stephanie Kitchin Categories: News No comments

Here are our top 10 Galapagos islands facts you might be surprised to know. The wildlife and experience of these magical islands are much talked about but these are my favourite facts that I picked up on my recent visit; There are only white and yellow flowers on the islands. Mockingbirds were the original source of inspiration […]

Up close and personal with magical creatures of the Galapagos

Date: February 21,2016 By: Laura Ross Categories: News No comments

Magical, remote, unique, all words commonly used to describe the Galapagos Islands archipelago. All well and good but actually what is it really like to experience a Galapagos cruise? I love mountains and the freedom to wander wherever I want. I’m not so keen on the sea and was apprehensive about being in such a controlled environment where every day is […]

SS Mary-Anne Client Review

Date: February 15,2016 By: Stephanie Kitchin Categories: News No comments

I have always wanted to visit the Galapagos Islands and after friends of mine travelled there in recent years and sent me very positive reports it made me even more eager to travel there. One such friend recommended Stephanie Kitchin at ‘Into Latin America’ as she had organised my friend’s hotels, transport and boat in […]

Zika Virus

Date: January 03,2016 By: Stephanie Kitchin Categories: News No comments

There has been a lot of media attention around the Zika virus in the last few weeks. It is sometimes confusing to know what is fact, fiction or speculation so we have hope to help clarify the situation for our clients and anyone who might be considering traveling to Latin America. What is the Zika […]

Trip to Lima, Cusco, Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu and Buenos Aires

Date: October 20,2015 By: Stephanie Kitchin Categories: News No comments

Please read the recent feedback from one of our wonderful clients, Lisa Anderson and Janice Cohen who travelled with us in October 2015. Janice and I returned to Pittsburgh last night, and I wanted to let you know what a fantastic time we had! We both fell in love with Peru, and after about two […]

BBC Patagonia Series

Date: September 25,2015 By: Stephanie Kitchin Categories: News No comments

Earth’s Secret Paradise starts on BBC2 this evening. A wonderful documentary as always from the BBC introducing everything from the one inch high Darwin frog to the region’s largest predator; the puma. A goosebump inducing visual feast. Patagonia is vast and incredibly varied. Talk to us about the endless possibilities and find the best itinerary […]

Spring at the Palermo Rose Garden in Buenos Aires

Date: September 17,2015 By: Laura Ross Categories: News No comments

Just as the leaves start to fall from the trees in England, Spring time commences in Buenos Aires, a time especially beautiful for colours. We wanted to share some notes on the Rose Garden in Palermo. El Rosedal de Palermo /Rose Garden at Palermo is located within Parque Tres de Febrero. It was designed in […]

Patagonia – Start planning your trip today

Date: August 06,2015 By: Laura Ross Categories: News No comments

We’re really excited about traveling to Patagonia this winter with its’ vast expanse of wilderness, some of the best trekking in the world, awe inspiring scenery and dramatic mountain peaks. Join us on our quick guide to the highlights of Patagonia – in both Chile and Argentina and start planning your ideal adventure now…   […]

Top 5 Tips to getting off the beaten track in South America

Date: June 17,2015 By: Stephanie Kitchin Categories: News No comments

Off the beaten track is a popular phrase in travel talk these days. Sometimes this means hiking, or traveling a long way, or spending a night or 2 with a community. All super experiences but in South America you don’t always have to go to great lengths for authentic, real experiences. Here are our tips […]

Recent Review

This really was the holiday of a lifetime and thanks to expedition leader Hannah and her fantastic team was  it was a magical experience. The scenery and wildlife were breathtaking and  the history of polar exportation, and my hero Sir Ernest Shackleton in particular was vividly, brought to life. To be able to follow his journey and pay my respects to him at his graveside in South Georgia was very emotional and something I will never forget.

Lorraine traveled on Hebridean Sky. Find out more here.

lorraine kelly antarctica
Lorraine Kelly Antarctica, , Antarctica, South Georgia and Falkland Islands March 2017

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