What to Take on a Peru Tour

Date: April 19,2015 By: Karen Categories: News

Things to pack for a Peru tour. Trips to Peru can take you from sunny Arequipa to the chilly nights of Cusco so it´s best to pack for all kinds of weather in Peru.


1. Sunglasses and hats.

Sun hats for the day and woolly hats for the night are the order of the day in Peru, especially in the mountains. At altitudes of 3, 400m in Cusco, and even higher in Lake Titicaca, the sun is strong and visitors can burn easier. Lashes of sun cream and a good hat will make your Peru trip a lot less painful!

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2. Water bottle.

A good way to stave off altitude sickness is to drink (non-alcoholic) liquids. Most hotels have a cooler where you can refill your bottle and do your bit for the environment. On the Inca Trail, a refillable bottle is compulsory to reduce rubbish on The Trail.

3. Good walking shoes.

Any Peru tour will feature cobbled streets, Inca terraces and narrow 16th Century stairways. Good footwear is essential if you want to explore the incredible ruins and history of Peru.

4. Hiking gear.

Fleeces, zip-off trousers and windproof jackets. Even if you don’t plan on doing any trekking at all, the gear is light and comfortable for travel. What is more, because of the large number of visitors to Cusco, hiking gear has become the evening wear of choice in Cusco. You are far more likely to blend in with a fleece than a fancy evening dress.

Machu Picchu Lake Titicaca Tour

5. A cardigan, light fleece, shawl or poncho

– in other words a warm top that you can easily take on and put off. In most of Peru, you will find that taking clothes on and off is something you do a lot. The day can start out hot and sunny, then enter a Cathedral and feel the temperature drop, back outside for lunch in a warm sunny terrace then cold again as the sun gets behind a cloud.


6. Swimwear.

It might not be an obvious thing to pack for a vacation in the mountains of Peru, but there are plenty of places to get a good soaking. Aguas Calientes at the foot of Machu Picchu is named after the hot springs to be found there, Colca Canyon and Lares Hot Springs are also very inviting. For a swim, the Royal Inca Hotel in the Sacred Valley, has an Olympic size pool – usually completely empty.

7. Photos and a phrasebook.

Even if you cant get your tongue around a few words of Spanish, some photos of your home town and family are great for breaking the language barrier.

8. A good book.

Immerse yourself in Inca history with one of the excellent books focusing on Machu Picchu and the history of the Incas. Hugh Thompson´s White Rock or Cochineal Red, The Lost City of the Incas by Hiram Bingham, or Kim MacQuarrie´s Last Days of the Incas.

Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

9. Space in your luggage.

Pisac market , with its rows of handicrafts; the alleys of San Blas; tiny galleries showcasing modern artists,; alpaca sweaters and silver jewelry. Peru is a great place for souvenir shopping.

10. A camera –because you´ll be taking a LOT of photos!

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