Dakar Rally To Finish in Peru

Date: March 29,2011 By: Karen Categories: News

The Dakar Off-road Rally will next year start in Argentina and finish in the Peruvian capital of Lima after a route of 9, 000 Km. The tough route will cross the high Andes, the driest desert in the world and many sand dunes, before finishing in the main square of Lima on January 15th.

The Dakar Rally is really an off-road test of endurance. Comptitors can take on the rally in cars, trucks or various kinds of motorbikes The vehicles cover a range of tough terrain that tests their machines and drivers to the limit, and is open to amateurs and professionals. The race has taken place in South America since 2009 after security problems prevented it from following the traditional route from Paris to Dakar. This will be the first time for the race to finish in Lima.

The competitors will start off from Mar del Plata; a seaside resort outside of Buenos Aires. They will then cross the Aregtine pampa to get to the range of Andes mountains separating Chile and Argentina. After entering Chile, the rally crosses the Atacama desert; the driest place on earth.

In Peru, the racers will enter via the southern city of Tacna before continuing across the desert to Peru?s second city of Arequipa. Ica is also on the rally map; an area famous for some of the largest sand dunes in the world. The final stage will take the cars, tucks and motorbikes into the Peruvian capital, Lima, for the prize ceremony in Lima?s historic main square (Plaza de Armas)

With their combination of ocean, high mountains and desert; it?s no wonder the organizers chose Peru, Chile and Argentina for this exciting race.

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Photos from the official Dakar Rally website.

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