10 Galapagos Islands Facts you Might not Know

Date: February 22,2016 By: Stephanie Kitchin Categories: News

Here are our top 10 Galapagos islands facts you might be surprised to know. The wildlife and experience of these magical islands are much talked about but these are my favourite facts that I picked up on my recent visit;

  1. There are only white and yellow flowers on the islands.
  2. Mockingbirds were the original source of inspiration for Darwin before he moved onto Finches
  3. There are 3 inhabited islands
  4. In 1825 a volcanic eruption caused the sea to heat up to 37 degrees centigrade, and the air reached 45 degrees centigrade.
  5. Sardines cause the blue colour in the feet of Blue Footed Boobies
  6. Coffee is grown on the islands of Santa Cruz. Pick some up in town when you visit.
  7. There are 2 types of giant tortoise; domed and saddle-backed
  8. The last el Nino destroyed much of the coral but it is slowly recovering.
  9. The main source of income is government work, not tourism.
  10. The highest point on the islands is Wolf Volcano on Isabela island at 1,707m above sea level.

Browse our Galapagos trips here. And if you have been lucky enough to already experience the Galapagos and can add to our Galapagos islands facts let us know.

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