South America Cruises: Patagonia and Brazil

Date: February 03,2012 By: Karen Categories: News

From relaxing cruises visiting Brazil’s best beaches, to the extreme wilderness of Patagonia; there are short cruises throughout South America. Here we introduce two very different cruises in Brazil and Patagonia.


Patagonia Cruise

Set out from the far southern town of Ushuaia for a small ship cruise exploring the wilderness of Patagonia.

Patagonia Cruise: click here

Follow in Darwin’s footsteps and explore remote Cape Horn, cruise through fjords and past huge glaciers with opportunities to spot penguins and other wildlife. Ships here have to be smaller to navigate the fjords and only hold around 150- 200 passengers. The emphasis here is on the adventure and there are plenty of activities away from the ship. Excursions include short walks and trips out by motorized dinghy. Guides are experts in their field and evening activities might include nautical knot/tying lessons or talks about glaciers than glitzy entertainment. Cabins are very comfortable and the atmosphere is fun, friendly and relaxed.


Who is a Patagonia Cruise For?

These trips are ideal for anyone with a spirit of adventure. If Antarctica is out of your reach, this is an excellent alternative. Patagonia Cruises are also an ideal way to see more remote parts of this part of the world – as a 3 or 4 day extension to an Argentina or Chile vacation. Cruise extensions might take you to the wine valleys of Chile or the beautiful Lake District of Argentina.See here

Brazil Cruise

Numerous cruises ply the coast of Brazil between April and October. Cruises typically range from three to 14 nights and visit popular Brazilian coastal cities like Rio de Janeiro, Recife and Salvador. The emphasis is on a relaxing holiday and having fun with most stops at beach town such as Buzios, Ilha Grande and Ilheus. Short cruises visit one section of the coast such as Slavador and around whereas longer cruises of 10 days can include stops in Buenos Aires and Punta del Este or Montevideo in Uruguay. You might get more of a cultural experience than you expected, as cruise ships tend to fill up with Brazilians especially in the holiday times of January and February.


These are luxury cruises with an emphasis on entertainment rather than exploration with capacity of thousands, multiple restaurants, spas and wall to wall entertainment.

Great Brazil Cruise extensions include trips to Iguazu Falls or combine the coast with an Amazon Cruise.

Who is a Brazil Cruise For?

If you want a no-hassle, relaxing vacation interspersed with just a few day trips, then these kind of cruises along the Brazilian cosat are just right. If you prefer to travel, explore and discover, you will see a lot more of Brazil on a customized tour by Into Latin America. Find out how we do it here.

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