Top 5 Places to Spot Wildlife in Latin America

Date: January 29,2015 By: Laura Ross Categories: News

1. Jaguar, The Pantanal, Brazil

Rarely spotted in the wild, the jaguar is as elusive as it is beautiful. One of the best places to spot it in Latin America is at the news_1407_1Araras Eco Lodge within the Pantanal wetland region of Brazil Brazil holidays

2. Harpy Eagle, Guyana


You’ll be amazed when you spot one of these for the first time. This is one of the world’s biggest and most powerful birds of prey. Seek them out in Guyana’s pristine rainforest where they strike on their prey with deadly accuracy – their favourite feast is sloths and monkeys. Guyana holidays

3. Penguins, Patagonia

The Magellan penguins arrive in Patagonia during the Spring where pairs mate for life, build their nests together and take it in turns to warm the eggs until they hatch. Colonies can have up to 150,000 birds and they are so comical to watch. Patagonia holidays


4. Whale sharks, Galapagos

You can feel a whale shark before you see it. These beautiful animals are enormous but they are gentle beasts whose sieve shaped mouths scoop up Krill. When I dived with one, I was so awe-struck I forgot to breathe (not advisable)! Galapagos holidays

5. Spectacled Bear, Peru

Paddington fans all over the world should head to ‘darkest Peru’ to spot this adorable bear. With his preppy ginger glasses and fluffy black fur lucky walkers might spot this bear in the cloud forest of Peru whilst trekking the Inca Trail near Machu Picchu. Peru holidays

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