Visit the Source of the Amazon

Date: September 22,2011 By: Karen Categories: News

Satelite images have this week confirmed that the source of the Amazon is high in the mountains of Peru, in the region of Colca Canyon and the colonial city of Arequipa.

In 1971, National Geographic explorer and photographer Loren McIntyre identified the source of the Amazon as a stream on Mt. Mismi, located a two day detour from Colca Canyon, Southern Peru

Polish explorer Jacek Palkiewicz with a team fro Lima University followed thisup with an expedition which identified the source as a gulley in the Apacheta gulley on the snow-capped Mt. Quehisha. And so the debate continued with National Geographic sending yet another team to Mt Mismi in 2000. Palkiweicz now has the fnal word though with confirmation he was looking for, in the form of satellite images from the Kompsat-2, the Korean Multiple Purpose Satellite.

Not only do these confirm the source of the Amazon, but also put into question which river is now the longest in the world. With Apacheta as its source, the Amazon River in now a massive 7,040 kilometers (4374 miles) long; longer than the Nile.

The source of the Amazon is located amongst snow capped volcanoes and Andean peaks, in the region of the breathtaking Colca Canyon. Spend a day wandering Arequipa, the colonial white city; then travel down to the Amazon jungle itself, with a stop off in Machu Picchu on the way. A remarkable journey. See Into Latin America’s Southern Circuit Tour

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