Where to Spend Easter in South America

Date: April 02,2015 By: Laura Ross Categories: News

Holy Week, known as Semana Santa is an important time for all Catholics in South America. Here are the best places to enjoy the colourful festivities in Latin America…

PERU, Arequipa, Cusco and Ayachuco

The city of Arequipa with its beautiful stone architecture and Colca Valley has a unique Easter celebrations with the burning Judas effigy symbolising justice and punishment. Afterwards there is a fireworks show and culinary feast of local specialities. For more information about our Peru holidays click here Peru Holidays 2015

In Ayachuco admire the stunning floral ‘paintings’. Easter celebrations here are some of the finest in the world starting with the sad rituals of Good Friday followed but a large party where locals drink alcoholic Chicha and chew coca leaves. On Easter Sunday there’s a joyous celebration of Christ’s resurrection with prayers, fireworks, songs and feasting.

In Cusco the statue of Senor de los Temlores (Lord of the Earthquakes) who according to local history stopped an earthquake in 1650 when he was taken out of the Church is now paraded around the Plaza de Armas Square on Easter Monday. The Peruvian people enjoy a 12 course dinner on Good Friday to rejoice the end of Lent . For more information about our Peru tours click here Peru Tours


Come here to enjoy elaborate processions and in the following week, child processions. Floats or pasos are adorned with ornate, flower-decked wooden statues most which date to the eighteenth century and depict the Easter Story. People in special clothing line the route and carry candles and incense. There is also a major religious music festival in Holy Week.

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BRAZIL, Ouro Preto

Brazil has the largest Catholic population in the World and locals enjoy time off to enjoy chocolate, processions and take some holiday on the beach where people enjoy the buzzing Brazilian party atmosphere. In Ouro Preto there are fantastic processions and the streets are carpeted with flowers.

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