Dakar Rally To Finish in Peru

Date: March 29,2011 By: Stephanie Kitchin Categories: News No comments

The Dakar Off-road Rally will next year start in Argentina and finish in the Peruvian capital of Lima after a route of 9, 000 Km. The tough route will cross the high Andes, the driest desert in the world and many sand dunes, before finishing in the main square of Lima on January 15th. The […]

Bolivian Amazon: An Unusual Adventure

Date: March 22,2011 By: Stephanie Kitchin Categories: News No comments

Think about a trip to the Amazon Rainforest and it?s more than likely that Brazil will spring to mind. But did you know that more than half of Bolivia?s territory is in the Amazon basin? Bolivia is an undervalued place for fabulous jungle tours and for spotting wildlife in the Amazon. Where To Go? The […]

Fair Trade Fortnight in The UK

Date: March 09,2011 By: Stephanie Kitchin Categories: News No comments

It’s fairtrade fortnight in the UK and Into Latin America’s Steph has been getting involved. Her arduous tasks involved taking part in a fashion show and drinking delicious coffee; all aimed at promoting fair-trade products and showing how fairtrade really can make a difference in the developing world. March 8th’s events were tied into International […]

Travels with a Small Child in Peru

Date: March 01,2011 By: Stephanie Kitchin Categories: News No comments

Inspired by this article Have Kid Still Travel about travelling in Peru with a small child. Here are some snaps of Into Latin America’s Little O on his travels in Peru. On a beautiful trek throught the forest to the fortress of Kuelap in the mountains of Chachapoyas. Meeting Wild Spectacled Bears in Chaparri In Ancient Chan […]

Peru Tour Special Offer

Date: February 28,2011 By: Stephanie Kitchin Categories: News No comments

Visit Machu Picchu and The Amazon for just £2399 per person inc flights Follow in the footsteps of Bono on his recent visit to Machu Picchu and Tambopata in Peru with our special offer Peru Tour for May and June 2012. This classic Peru tour is one of dazzling contrasts; from the Peru highlands to iconic Machu Picchu and the […]

Bingham, Yale and Machu Picchu – An Uneasy Relationship

Date: February 28,2011 By: Stephanie Kitchin Categories: News No comments

Over the last decade, a dispute has been running between Yale University and the Peruvian government based on the famous archaeological site of Machu Picchu. The problems began over 90 years ago when Hiram Bingham discovered the site. Find out more about the problems in this article. Who was Hiram Bingham? Although not an archaeologist, […]

Free domestic flights in Peru

Date: February 25,2011 By: Stephanie Kitchin Categories: News No comments

LAN flights to Peru from the US with free internal flights LAN Airlines has a deal for travelers heading to Peru this spring: Fly round trip from the U.S. to any of 11 cities within that country for the price of a round-trip ticket to Lima. In effect, you get free domestic airfare to see […]

Lake Titicaca in Peru

Date: February 22,2011 By: Stephanie Kitchin Categories: News No comments

Add color to your Machu Picchu holiday by spending a few days in this beautiful area on top of the world. Lake Titikaka with its ancient traditions, stunning scenery and wild festivals, is an excellent choice for any cultural Peru vacation What Is Lake Titicaca? Lake Titikaka is generally regarded as the highest navigable lake in […]

The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu Explained

Date: February 16,2011 By: Stephanie Kitchin Categories: News No comments

This iconic trek to Machu Picchu is often misunderstood and confused with other alternative treks around Cusco. Here we outline the basics on the Inca Trail and why it’s so special. What is the Inca Trail? The fact is there isn’t just one Inca Trail. The Incas built a massive system of trails all across […]

Machu Picchu, Pichu Pichu or Matchu Pitchu?

Date: February 11,2011 By: Stephanie Kitchin Categories: News No comments

It’s one of the most famous archaeological sites in the World. If you’re taking a Peru vacation, you’re probably visiting. You’ve seen the photos, but how do you spell it? Machu Picchu – not the only Picchu If you want to get the spelling right, it probably helps to know what it means! Based on […]

Recent Review

This really was the holiday of a lifetime and thanks to expedition leader Hannah and her fantastic team was  it was a magical experience. The scenery and wildlife were breathtaking and  the history of polar exportation, and my hero Sir Ernest Shackleton in particular was vividly, brought to life. To be able to follow his journey and pay my respects to him at his graveside in South Georgia was very emotional and something I will never forget.

Lorraine traveled on Hebridean Sky. Find out more here.

lorraine kelly antarctica
Lorraine Kelly Antarctica, , Antarctica, South Georgia and Falkland Islands March 2017

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