Spring at the Palermo Rose Garden in Buenos Aires

Date: September 17,2015 By: Laura Ross Categories: News

Just as the leaves start to fall from the trees in England, Spring time commences in Buenos Aires, a time especially beautiful for colours. We wanted to share some notes on the Rose Garden in Palermo.

El Rosedal de Palermo /Rose Garden at Palermo is located within Parque Tres de Febrero. It was designed in 1914 and restoration on it began in 1994 with a donation of 2000 roses from Meilland of France and was completed in 2008. The Rose Garden is surrounded by one of the lakes, its main attractions are: The Garden of the Poets, displaying busts reminiscent of important writers from different countries; Patio Andaluz, built in 1929 and given by the city of Seville as a gift to the city of Buenos Aires; the gazebo, covered with climbing roses and vines that culminates in the sculptural work of Emile Peynot “Wreath to Sarmiento”; and the Bridge a magnificent wooden construction over the lake, designed by Agronomist Benito Carrasco on 1914.

The Rose Garden itself, with its numerous beds of different kinds of roses, is at the heart of the park, where all Spring bloom over 12,000 roses – an explosion of colour and aromas. On 2012 & 2014 the Rose Garden received the Garden Excellence Award of the World Federation of Rose Societies. Some of the roses at the garden are: Comtesse Dubarry, Mutabilis, Grand Galla Meilland, Sombreil Tea Rose, Elle Meilland.

Into Latin America can arrange a visit to the Rose Garden during our Garden Tour, Palermo encompasses the largest parks and of the city together with the Botanical Garden, the Zoo, and Japanese Garden – among others.

The garden is framed by native tall trees and palms: jacarandas with their blue flowers in spring, yuchanes (chorisia insignis) with their striped flowers reminiscent of orchids and erythrinas crista-galli with their red striped blooms (our national flower) in summer. Among others, eucalyptus give additional interest and shade to the garden.

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