“Machu Picchu exceeded all expectations. Henry was an excellent guide. He shared a tremendous amount of information about the history of the Incas and the region. The Red Mangrove dive leader was great. The dive trips were well organized. We didn’t see as much sea life as we’d hoped, but that is the way it goes sometimes. We spent 40 minutes in the water on 1 dive, but it was a snorkeler in the water for less than 5 minutes at the same site that had a close encounter with a 6’ shark! Definitely a vacation to remember.”

Reichert Family - Peru and Ecuador
January 2012

“Just returned from an 18 day South American Adventure to Argentina ,Peru & Iguasu. Wow………………….. What A wonderful trip it was too! Our only regret, not staying longer in Lima & Iguasu.
Thanks again to Steph as well as all our guides.”

Julian Fowles - UK
October 2011

“A huge thank you to Steph and the team (Aliwen Incoming) for arranging the first part of our fantastic trip to Argentina. After a long flight we were met by a delightful English speaking guide who helped us get sorted. Having travelled before in South America, having the first few legs sorted helped us find our feet and understand a little of what to expect. Every details was covered and the personalised local map was invaluable.

Our trip to Iguazu was fabulous, with a delightful local hotel and personal guide. The whole team were punctual, informative, spoke excellent English and most important they shared our excitement to be there.
Thanks again”

Tim and Carla - UK
October 2011

“I’ve had an excellent time even travelling by myself. The “difficult Lares trek” (there are three types – two are more commercial) which was recommended to me by IntoLatinAmerica was exactly the sort of challenge I was looking forward to. We essentially descended down from 4800m in knee deep snow (yes, whilst crossing ourselves…). In 6 years working as a guide, he’d only seen this once before so I felt very lucky!
Even though I was a single female traveler (not planned as such but I happend to be on my own at this tour) I was put very much at ease with a professional and fun guide and really enjoyed my 4 days up in the mountains. The team of guide/cook/2 donkey handlers was excellent. When my guide realised I wanted a bit more adventure than one whole day stuck with a million tourists at Machu PIchu (although the view is a must!) we shortened the stay from 6-7h to a 3h trip, started earlier and went off for a hike of 2h afterwards and a superb “largest South American zip wire” (400m long, 200m or so high). We nearly managed a white water rafting tour on top of that but as we did this all on the spot couldnt get transport back on time and had to change trek and hitched a lift back via local “trufi” (local seven seater taxi type).
My thanks for Karen and Stephanie! Really loved it!”

Angelika - UK
September 2011

“Thanks for organising a lovely tour for us. We have some fabulous memories. We loved the 5 day Inca trail, it was much more relaxed. Arriving at Machu Picchu after 4 days walking was magical, and with the 5 day trail, you have the time to let everything soak in, and don’t feel like you’re just going through the motions. Personally, for the 4 day trail, the whole idea of arriving at Machu Picchu at the crack of dawn sounds very romantic, but the reality is that you walk much further each day and therefore more rushed, plus you walk in the dark along some of the most beautiful part of the trail on day 4 leading up to Machu Picchu. We also enjoyed having an evening to chill out in Aguas Calientes and go back to Machu Picchu on day 5 for a fresh look at it.”

Lauren Guthrie - South Africa
July 2011

“We had a fabulous holiday. I didn’t realise Ecuador had so much to offer outside of Galapagos. The scenery has been amazing, the people very friendly. Every day was a highlight.”

Claire Walker - UK
July 2011

“Well as gut feels are often right i have to say that the into latin america ecuador trip was excellent. It covered a great deal of acitivies and the variety of types of things we did and places we visited, including the accomodation was excellent. From shopping to active hiking, horseriding and i could have even zip lined if i had the energy! Luis was a fantastic guide who went above and beyond to make sure the trip was great. He is truly engaged and passionate about travel, and a pleasure to have as a guide. In terms of the tour detail I think the pace of the tour is great – the wake up times are good allowing the tourist to become acclimatised to altitude and have plenty of rest for hiking etc. Cuenca was one of my favourite places. This trip beat the current one i did on a number of points, rest time (it is a holiday – and you guys understood that!), inclusion of payments (i.e. no unexpected add-ons), variety of activies and comfort and company. I have reccomended into latin america to the 15 other people on the tour just finished so i hope you may have some new customers. Keep up the good work.”

Shima Jafari - UK
June 2011

“Luis was brilliant, he made our holiday so enjoyable. Very knowlegable, very helpful – nothing was too much trouble for him. He made our holiday fun.”

Claire Walker - UK
June 2011



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