What to Pack for Inca Trail

Date: March 06,2017 By: Stephanie Kitchin Categories: Tips

So you’ve booked your inca trail trek, now for the preparation. Besides wearing in your hiking boots and getting extremely excited, here’s what to pack for Inca trail or indeed any trek in the Andes. As a tour leader I was doing the Inca Trail every other week in the high season. It can get very cold at night, hot in the day and almost always rains at some point. These are the things that served me well, and still do when I’m in the mountains;

Merino wool

Merino leggings and a long sleeve top make the perfect pyjamas. When you set off early in the morning keep them on then bundle them into your day pack when you’ve warmed up. They’re also great for wearing around camp in the evening.


Avoid baby wipes. There’s nowhere to leave rubbish along the trail, the porters have to carry it all the way out so lighten their load and just use an old fashioned flannel. You’ll get warm water delivered to your tent at the end and start of each day.

Alpaca Socks

Pick up some alpaca socks in Cusco or the Sacred Valley. Your feet will thank you for it after a long day’s hiking the inca trail. The gloves are excellent as well.

Down Jacket

A God send. Put it on as soon as the sun goes down and you’ll be toasty warm in camp. And shove it on for those annoying middle of the night dashes to the toilet! It also makes a great pillow once you’re tucked up in your sleeping bag.

Rain Poncho

At lower altitudes it can feel sticky even when it’s raining especially if it coincides with you tackling an uphill section. Rain ponchos, a favourite of the porters as well, keep you and your back pack dry. You can pick them up very cheaply in Cusco.

Anything to add?

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